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Vanilla Bean

Bean is one picky pup! When it comes to food, he doesn't like much. Just vanilla ice cream. Not spaghetti, not applesauce, not even grilled cheese. Just vanilla ice cream. Plain vanilla. Very, very plain vanilla. While Miss Sundae tries to convince Bean to try many of her funny ice cream flavors, she only hears one big NOPE in return. Until one day, there's a big sprinkle accident at the ice cream shop! And guess what? Bean's ice cream is actually pretty good all covered in sprinkles! Maybe, just maybe, he'll try a strawberry tomorrow! A sweet and silly story about trying new things.

“Will resonate with finicky kids and their very particular taste buds.” ― Kirkus Reviews

Published by Cottage Door Press.

The Cat Who Got Framed

Acer likes his life as a Garden Cat. But he would LOVE to be a Museum Cat. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. In the very first picture book from Philbrook Museum of Art, acclaimed writer/artist (and Tulsa native) Katie Turner presents a sweet, silly, and beautifully illustrated story for kids of all ages.

Published by Philbrook Museum of Art.

A Beast C:
The Alphabet from Alien to Zombie

Written by Katie Turner, illustrated by George Ermos

Explore the alphabet from Alien to Zombie in this lively, rhyming story celebrating legendary creatures and mythical favorites! Learn all about the mythological universe filled with magical beasts and creatures featuring dragons, fairies, mermaids, ghosts, unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster, elves and more! Kiddos will love flipping the pages and seeing familiar mythical creatures and discovering new favorites along the way. A mythical creature glossary guide is included at the back of the book for any puzzling new findings. A must for little mythical creature fans!

"Brilliant colors, a textured cover, and vivid images of creatures and monsters will intrigue and amuse." ―Kirkus Reviews

Published by Cottage Door Press.

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